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Chris Mowery

Owner | MC | Auctioneer | DJ

Some people are fortunate enough to pick their own careers, and sometimes the career picks them. For Chris Mowery, it’s as if each of life’s stepping stones led him to become a Wedding DJ. He would attribute some of his most significant life experiences to Providence. Literally. Chris attended Providence High School in Burbank (a fairly significant commute from his hometown of Santa Clarita) and, aside from a great education, received some considerable experience in production audio through various performances at his school. For the man they call Cowboy, that experience would prove to be very valuable.

After a life detour that saw him move up to Northern California to attend St. Mary’s College (he is still a huge basketball supporter though he lives 300 miles away) and work virtually every customer-service job known to man, Chris would answer a Craigslist ad for a professional audio technician for Denon & Doyle, the leading DJ company in Northern California. He walked in expecting his production experience to prove useful and walked out a Wedding DJ in-training. “The owner saw something in me I never really did. Two days later I went on my first event as a trainee and absolutely fell in love with Weddings,” recalls the self-admitted hopeless romantic. Cowboy found his calling, and Cowboy got good. Very good. In fact, there may not be a DJ invited to more after-parties or to get more Facebook requests from brides & grooms than Chris. “It’s a weird intangible I’ve never been able to put my finger on,” he says in attempt to explain the phenomenon, “but I like to think that I’ve just been blessed to work with so many awesome people in my life.”

It’s a rare combination of easy-going professionalism that makes him such a hot commodity in the wedding world. Maybe it’s the Southern Cali upbringing that nourishes his “mellow.” He’s certainly no stranger to the coastal way of life. When not DJ’ing or playing soccer, you’ll find him on the beach. Shoes off Tunes and Cowboy hat on. It’s that fusion of beach and music that got him his nickname and the reputation of a top-tier Wedding DJ. His list of previous clients is pretty impressive, but you won’t catch him namedropping. See, Chris isn’t about bragging or boasting, he is about the people. Whether it’s working with teens through his church or making sure brides & grooms have the happiest day of their lives, his passion is to help. And while it’s true that some people are fortunate enough to pick their own career, there are a growing contingent who consider themselves fortunate that Cowboy’s career chose him.

Why Our Clients Love Chris

“We did have the best day ever! Chris was absolutely amazing, went above and beyond for us. We couldn’t have been happier! He kept our drinks full, surprised us with games and kept the crowd happy all night. We will be recommending him to anyone and everyone who needs a DJ. Thanks so much for everything!”
-Annelie & Michael Briones, Oceano Hotel & Spa, October 11

“This is a new testimonial!”
-Louis Farah, Santa Barbara, CA January 18, 2018

“Chris was awesome. He never let me stay thirsty and the party never missed a beat! I would recommend him highly to anyone wanting to have an entertaining and well spoken MC. He played great music and kept the schedule right on time. Even my Father In Law loved him and that says a lot! Thank you guys again and give Chris our best!”
-Cody and Amy Morrison, Lafayette Park Hotel & Spa, September 20

“Chris was a delight to have DJ/MC the reception at our daughter’s wedding. He played the songs that we wanted and got us through the evening on target. He was a full delight to work with. We have two more children getting married this year and we WILL be contacting Chris! What impressed me the most was his thoughtfulness in taking good care of the bride’s parents, Brent and I, always making sure that we had what we needed. Very thoughtful! I highly recommend Chris! A pure joy and delight!”
-Catherine Johnson, Napa Valley Country Club, August 24

“I just wanted to let you know that you did AMAZING work at the wedding and I couldn’t have asked for anything better. Your style was exactly what Tony and I were looking for and everyone had an amazing time. We literally still have people coming up to us and saying that our DJ was the best! Our wedding party especially was very taken back at how attentive you were to their needs. We really appreciate you doing that. You surpassed my expectations a thousand times over. Thank you so much for making that day a day that I will remember for the rest of my life. There are not enough kind words in the dictionary that would actually describe how I feel about you and Denon and Doyle. The photobooth was amazing and the elegant lighting added so much! I was just so honored that you were able to be a part of the wedding. If there is anything that I can do for you, please let me know!”
-Emily Gomez, Hiddenbrooke Country Club, July 26

“Fabulous. Chris went above and beyond to make our day fun and stress free! Everyone could not stop talking about how great the DJ was and he even whispered directions to us during cake cutting. WONDERFUL experience and we are so thankful toh ave chosen Denon & Doyle!”
-Erica O’Brien, Delta Diamond Farm, July 5

“I don’t have Chris’ email address but he and his assistant were fantastic! Was definitely worthy flying him here from LA for my daughter’s wedding. Please let him know how much we appreciated all his hard work and fun! He made the celebration so much fun! (Loved the “shoe game”!!!) Would not have run so smoothly without his hard work. Thank you all for making Shelley and Mike’s wedding absolutely the best ever!”
-Tracy Sanborn, McInnis Golf Club, April 20

“Everything was perfect! We LOVE Chris and Abe! They are so easy to work with and make our job that night so much easier knowing we are in good hands. They work so well together and are great with our crowd. They offered a lot of good ideas that night, and some for us to use going forward. Everyone had a fun evening and we had great success at our auction. It is always a pleasure working with you.”
-Lea Harrington (Strandwood School), Contra Costa Country Club, March 2

“Chris was an awesome DJ!!! We could not have asked for a better MC for our event…all of the services provided by your company was spectacular!!! Thank you again for helping us create a fun and memorable wedding!”
-Melissa Souza, Sequoyah Country Club, November 3

“We had such a wonderful experience with D&D, from beginning to end. To start, the showcase that you guys offer is great. An excellent idea that we found very useful. We used a lot of ideas from that on our big day. Then, the owners were so accommodating and extended us the 24 light package for the price of the 10 light package because of our off season wedding date.

As for Chris. He’s the best. We didn’t get the chance to talk to him at the showcase, but booked him on his reviews alone. And boy were they right. Not only was he very approachable, responsive, helpful and reliable, but he was so thoughtful on the day of the wedding. I felt like he was my maid of honor! He held our drinks while we took photos, he filled up our glasses, he walked us thru the whole cake cutting and constantly checked to see if we were OK. And I haven’t even gotten to the music part!!! Our wedding was one epic dance party. Thanks very much to Chris. He started with hits from the 60’s to include the older crowd and by the time he started playing the top 40 they were hooked and never left the floor.

All in all, I would recommend Chris to any one for any event, but especially to any couple getting married. He not only made me and Bobby so comfortable and calm, but all of our bridal party and our parents. That’s big.

So thank you for everything that you, your company and your staff did to make our wedding so wonderful. We sincerely appreciate it. Good luck and I hope to see you at future events.”
-Bobby Baksa, Bridges Golf Club, November 2

“Chris was phenomenal! He exceeded all of my expectations. Went way above and beyond… I am completely blown away by that guy. He was more than a DJ to us… He was like the acting event coordinator, food server, photographer asst., keeping us up with the giants score as well…(world series baby!!!) He is beyond awesome. He played all the good songs and did a good job hosting/MCing the party”
-Maria Asuncion, Grand Island Mansion, October 19

“Thanks for checking in- everything was wonderful!!! Chris made our wedding so much fun- I can’t tell you how many guests I had comment on how great our DJ was!! Please do pass that along to him;)

I also has a few single girlfriends tell me that they will surely be hiring Chris/D&D when their wedding day comes;-)

The other D&D crew were great as well- nothing but rave reviews from us on everything from Denon & Doyle! The photo booth was SUCH a hit!!

We will definitely post reviews on some of our favorite sites- yelp and wedding wire. If there are any others you’d like us to post on, please let us know. It’s the least we can do!”
-Lindsay Gage, Mira Vista Country Club, September 29

“The wedding was amazing the the Chris did an excellent job. He did a great job coordinating with the photographer and the other vendors. He kept us on schedule by providing much needed guidance. The event and ceremony went by quick and it was great to have someone to keep up on track and keep the party going. I would recommend Chris to all my friends.”
-Chris Ljungkull, Bridges Golf Club, September 21

“But it’s really important to me that you know what an amazing job Chris did as our DJ! He was the first person to greet me at the reception by offering me a cocktail, which I greatly appreciated because I literally never had a chance to make it to the bar myself. He always made sure there was a cocktail in my hand, as well as the maid of honor’s. He laughed and joked with the bridal party and really put the MOH and Best Man at ease before their speeches. He was upbeat and lively the entire time and really knew how to get my guests into the party mood. He was the one who really set the party atmosphere and I know there would not have been as many people on the dance floor if it weren’t for him. He was out there dancing and having fun along with the rest of my guests which I really appreciated. I know not all djs like to get up and dance themselves. I loved every single song choice he made and the dance floor was packed the entire time. I really cannot say enough good things about him and he went completely above and beyond as our DJ! A regular DJ would have just played the music, but Chris really was the live entertainment for my guests as well as the orchestrator of the entire wedding. I literally received compliments all throughout the night on the DJ!!! Of all my vendors, I really was the most impressed with him.”
-Megan Korbel, Silverado Country Club, September 8

“I have to say that Allison and I had a FANTASTIC time at our wedding. I can not say enough of how appreciative we are of Chris. From the initial planning of the music to its execution on the day of, he was spot on. Perfect. Absolutely PERFECT! We were especially surprised as to how attentive he was with us. He stayed with us during our photo shoot and made sure we had food and drink. He waited on the entire wedding party, directing the hotel staff if there were needs to be met. Our entire group was still speaking highly of him on Monday:”He was the DJ…are you kidding me?” was all we heard. And of course, the music. Wow! Chris is a true professional, you are lucky to have him represent Denon & Doyle. I can’t thank him enough for making our very special day, one that will be talked about for years to come.”
-Jon Jones, Lafayette Park Hotel & Spa, September 2

“Chris and Rick did a fantastic job. My daughter said it was her dream wedding and everything was perfect.”
-Rick Barrett, Sequoyan Country Club, September 1

“Your intuition is correct and there is a great buzz among our guests, even a week after the wedding. Chris was AMAZING. He truly went above and beyond in so many ways, and our guests were raving about his style and music selection. We first met after the ceremony (for which he arrived early and introduced himself to my groom), and the first thing he did was offer John and I water and held my dress in preparation for our pictures. He was really friendly and easygoing and a snazzy dresser, to boot! He did a great job of directing our guests to where they needed to be at the right time without being pushy and I never felt he was overbearing with his microphone use. I have a friend getting married in April and I have already passed your name on to her and told her “GET CHRIS!” He was wonderful and our ceremony and rehersal wouldn’t have been the same without him!”
-Lesley Oullette, Forest House Lodge, August 31